Kenny Graham bio
Hi there, pop fans!
Smile, smile, smile
It's all over
I have got the furious needle
Brain Drain
Revive me!
My inheritance

The Devil looks after
Hymn Number Dinky Do
The Expert
Post mortem
Tete a tete
Fine, fine, fine
Fame and fortune
Mars, they're making eyes

KENNY GRAHAM - One of Britain's foremost jazz composers and arrangers; a large, red-bearded, soft voiced, strong man with a penchant for spending the greater part of his free time in a loose sweater refusing to conform. Mint example of that rare character, the artist who really does have talent but who genuinely refuses to have any truck with commercialism or to write anything bad just because it pays well. Mercurial temperament which ideally suits almost surrealist life he leads in Soho and elsewhere. Born July 19th, 1924 - "At eight o'clock on a Saturday morning: the earliest I ever got up," says Kenny.

Biographical Details: Born in Kent near London. Started to study music and to learn G banjo at 5; began to learn C-Melody sax when he was 12; switched to alto at 15 - on which he played first professional job a year later. Took up tenor before going into army when 17. In 1950, demobilized, formed own revolutionary group called Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists, which he led for two years before fact that their amalgam of bebop, African and Cuban rhythms and super-modern harmonies was too far above public forced them to disband. Greatly in demand as powerful swinging tenor player, Graham then played in variety of bands, including those led by AMBROSE, NAT GONELLA, ERIC WINSTONE and NAT TEMPLE besides being starred at many concerts and in small jazz club ad recording combos. More recently, has been concentrating on writing to the exclusion of tenor playing. Has written bestselling arrangements for the TED HEATH library, and has written for and acted as M.D. at recording sessions with JOSH WHITE, BIG BILL BROONZY, Britain's FRANK HOLDER and CLEO LAINE- Has led many swinging groups providing accompaniments on disc to stars.
Cover notes from Moondog Suite

Kenny died in London on February 17th, 1997

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