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Sunday 25th October, 1959 at the Gaumont State, Kilburn

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Nostalgia Anyone?


Tommy Trinder

Johnny Gray
and his
Band of the Day


Leader/Tenor Sax.Contortionist: Johnny Gray
Vocalist: Kerri Sims
Saxes: Ray Webb, Ivor Gaffin, Jimmy Chester
Trombone: Johnny Edwards
Piano: Tommy Sanderson
Bass: Ken Hogston
Drums: Freddy Potter


Mr. Acker Bilk's
Jazz Band

Leadr/Titular Head: Mr. Acker Bilk
Trumpet: Mr. Kenneth Sims
Trombone: Mr. Jonathon Mortimer
Banjo: Mr. Roy James
Bass: Mr. Ernest Price
Traps: Mr. Ronald McKay

Denny Boyce Orchestra

Vocalist: Rikki Henderson
Saxes: Frank Gillespie, Doug Stimson, Mary Lou, Beverly Ingamels, Burnell Whibley
Trumpets: Jimmy Watson, Leon Calvert, Jimmy Richmond
Trombones: Peter Smith, Johnny Edwards, Hank Stampf
Piano: Norman Stevens
Guitar: Eric Ford
Bass: Malcolm Harley
Drums: Rex Bennett

John Dankworth Orchestra

Leader/Alto Sax: Johnny Dankworth
Saxes: Danny Moss, Alex Leslie
Trumpets: Derrick Abbott, Stan Palmer, Bob Carson, Kenny Wheeler
Trombones: Tony Russell, Danny Elwood, Ken Wray
Tuba: Ronnie Snyder
FRONT LINE: Tenor sax: Danny Moss; Baritone Sax: Alex Leslie; Trumpet: Dickie Hawdon; Trombone: Laurie Monk; Piano: Joe Palin; Bass: Eric Dawson; Drums: Kenny Clare

Tubby Hayes Quartet

Tenor Sax, Vibes and Flute: Tubby Hayes
Piano: Terry Shannon
Bass: Spike Heatley
Drums: Phil Seamen


The Joe Harriott Quintet

Leader/Alto Sax: Joe Harriott
Trumpet: Hank Shaw
Piano: Harry South
Bass: Coleridge Goode
Drums: Bobby Orr

The Jazz Committee

Tenor Sax: Don Rendell
Trumpet: Bert Courtley
Piano: Ed Harvey
Bass: Pete Blannin
Drums: Jackie Dougan


The Jazzmakers
Allan Ganley

Ronnie Ross

(Baritone Sax)

Tenor sax: Art Ellefson
Piano: Stan Jones
Bass: Stan Wasser

Tony Kinsey Quartet

Leader/Drums: Tony Kinsey
Alto Sax/Piano: Alan Branscombe
Piano/Vibes: Bill Le Sage
Bass: Joe Muddel


Humphrey Lyttelton
and his band

Leader/Trumpet: Humphrey Lyttelton
AltoSax/Clt: Tony Coe
Tenor Sax: Jimmy Skidmore
Baritone sax: Joe Temperley
Trombone: John Picard
Piano: Ian Armitt
Bass: Brian Brocklehurst
Drums: Eddie Taylor

Bob Miller and the Millermen

Vocalist: Barbara Jay
Saxes: George Hunter, Gene Cotterill, Bill Golding, Bill Su'ett,
Trumpets: Dougie Arthur, Bobby Haughey, Al Spooner, Frank Webb
Trombone: Brian Kershaw
Piano: Gerry Butler
Bass: Eddie Tripp
Drums: Andy White


Andre Rico and his Music

Saxes: Ziggy Ludvigson, Fred Perry, Al Cornish, Ronnie Mackie
Trumpets: Alex McGregor, Dave Hancock, Pete Pitterson, Les Condon
Piano: Revell Terry
Bass : Chris Thompson
Art Morgan
Tumbas: Tommy Thomas
Clyde Durham
Giovanni Serioso

Tommy Watt and his All Stars

Leader/Piano: Tommy Watt
Saxes: Mike Senn, Johnny Scott, Tubby Hayes, Eddie Mordue, Ronnie Ross
Trumpets: Tommy McQuater, Ron Simmonds, Albert Hall, Bert Courtley
Trombones: Jock Bain, George Chisholm, Jackie Armstrong, Jack Irving
Horns: Jim Buck Snr, Jim Buck Jnr, Sim Saville, Bob Young
Bass: Frank Donnison
Drums: Phil Seamen
Percussion: Jack Peach
Tuba: Jim Powell

Programme kindly supplied by Denny Boyce