Coda Finale 2002


What's New in Finale 2002



 Improved Simple Entry. Faster, more intuitive and more powerful. Common keyboard shortcuts can be accessed from the number keypad. Select notes for editing - drag notes, beam, slash grace notes, add accidentals, and more!

 You control the size of the Speedy Frame. With Auto Launch frame, you’ll never have to click the measure to get started entering music with Speedy Entry.

 Don’t let barlines come between you and editing! Most Speedy Edit commands apply to the previous note when you’ve jumped to the next blank measure.

 Take command from your keyboard! Specify durations, navigate and other commands can be sent from your keyboard while in Speedy Entry.

 Beams stay put in Simple and Speedy Entry. Custom beaming won’t change when you add or delete notes in the measure.

 Easy to use Exercise Wizard makes lesson creation easy. Customize for any combination of instruments. A band director’s dream come true!

 Smarter Smart Shapes! Multiple handles for easier editing of Smart Shapes, like crescendos, slurs and brackets.

 Contextual menus in Smart Shapes - align hairpins, force shapes to be horizontal,

maintain the angle of shapes over a system breaks and more.

 Smart Slurs avoid collisions with articulations set to “Inside slur.”

 Engraver Slurs - avoid collisions with stems, beams, noteheads, articulations, and

accidentals for the most beautiful slurs ever!

 Absolute Staff Sizing. Finer control over the resulting staff height. Resize the music without changing page margins, fonts, etc.

 Copy articulations, expressions, slurs and more to other rhythmically identical regions with SmartFind and Paint.

 We’ve made it easier to select just the notes you want to use in a percussion map.

 Contextual menus in the Time Signature and Key Signature tools make it easier for you to set time and key signatures on the fly.

  The Setup Wizard will create percussion staves with percussion noteheads, where

appropriate, when you select a percussion instrument.

 Percussion maps can be applied while importing MIDI files. Choose the clef, choose a playback channel and choose which MIDI notes get percussion noteheads.

 Now you can save your Finale or MIDI files as SmartMusic Accompaniment files. With the SmartMusic Studio® 7.0 subscription, you’ll be able to open your own custom files and have the accompaniment follow you!

 Search Plug-in for Acrobat Reader included on the CD to search the entire User Manual.

 Improved Selection Tool! Select, edit, delete and move items using only the Selection Tool. Click on an articulation and drag it around without needing to switch tools. Right-mouse-click on handles for more editing options.

 Even more items recognized by the Selection Tool: Tuplets, Time and Key Signatures, Clefs and Ossias.

 Composer’s Assistant Plug-ins. These incredibly liberating tools were created with IRCAM, Pierre Boulez’ Computer Music Compositional Laboratory. Ten plug-ins for rapidly generating many musical possibilities..

1. CHORD MORPHING - generates a variety of smooth between-chord transitions

2. CHORD REORDERING - finds new placement options for chords

3. CHORD REALIZATION - generates four-part realizations of a triad based on major key & scale degree


4. CHORD SPLITTING - creates subsets of the original chord

5. COMMON TONE TRANSPOSITION - creates a series of transpositions of the chord where one note is

equal to one note of the original chord

6. FREQUENCY MODULATION CHORD GENERATOR - generates a series of chords with increasing

complexity and texture

7. MELODIC MORPHING - creates a melodic transition from one melody to another

8. RHYTHM GENERATOR - instantly creates up to six staves of percussion that can accompany your score

9. TIE COMMON NOTES - inserts a tie between any two successive notes if the notes have the same pitch

10. VIRTUAL FUNDAMENTAL GENERATOR - automatically gives the appropriate “root” for any selected

group of staves

 TGTools Plug-ins.These plug-ins are a sample of the immensely useful TGTools plug-in collection.

1. ALIGN/MOVE DYNAMICS - vertically align all selected dynamics, expressions and hairpins

2. EASY HARMONICS - string harmonics fast and easy

3. EASY TREMOLOS - easily create tremolos for display and playback

4. MENU SHORTCUTS - write your own script to automate common tasks

5. SMART PLAYBACK - adds a playback effect to glissandi, hairpins and trills

 More Plug-ins!

1. BAND-IN-A-BOX AUTO-HARMONIZER - add new voices to an existing melody, based on chord


2. PATTERSON BEAMS - apply additional beaming options for the most elegant beams imaginable

3. EXTRACT LYRICS - save your lyrics to a text file and share

 We’ve added a Save Special to unclutter the File Menu.

 Expanded and improved Help! Click on the Table of Contents button and get back on track. A picture of the dialog box accompanies dialog box topics. Each button and checkbox is explained in detail.

 You control Playback and Music Spacing on a layer, measure or note level.

 Make Rehearsal Letters that automatically break multimeasure rests! Also, more

flexibility with “Do Not Print Text In <Angle Brackets>.”

 Edit Ossias in any View. Whether in Page View or Scroll View, you can always edit your ossias.

 New Templates included with Finale 2002:

1. Kodály - One staff for stick notation, one for solfège

2. Kodály Auto-Stick - One staff for simple stick notation

3. SATB (Two Staff) with Piano - Four staves (SA on Treble, TB on Bass, plus piano)