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The Radio Free Berlin Big Band 
(SFB - Sender Freies Berlin)
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SFB Big Band

This outstanding big band played under the direction of Paul Kuhn from 1968 to around 1975. Many famous players worked with the band, including Slide Hampton, Bob Burgess, Torolf Molgaard, Eugen Cicero, Herb Geller, Joe Harris, Rolf Ericson, Carmell Jones, Ake Persson, Ron Simmonds, Al Porcino, Milo Pavlovic, Heinz von Hermann, Leo Wright, Benny Bailey, Ack van Rooyen, Jerry van Rooyen and Ronnie Stephenson.
The members in the left photograph, taken in 1972, reading from left to right, starting at the top, are:

Charles Orieux, Ake Persson, Slide Hampton, Manfred Grossman, trombones;

Lothar Noack, Siegfried Fröhlich, Leo Wright, Rolf Römer, Heinz von Hermann, saxes

Eugen Cicero, piano; Tom Holme, bass; Horst Larisch, trumpet; Robert de Reijke, (hiding behind Horst) keyboards; Carmell Jones, trumpet; Milo Pavlovic, trumpet; Paul Kuhn, leader; Ossie Dudek, trumpet; Dai Bowen, drums; Ron Simmonds, trumpet; Adrian Cicero, vibes; Kurt Weil, percussion; Bobby Dorr, Fender bass; Siegfried Strauss, guitar.

Photo number 3 was taken in Leningrad's Vosstaniya Square on an October morning around 1971 (see A Minstrel's Tale Part 17).

Photos 4, 5, 6 and 7 kindly supplied by Milo Pavlovic

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Ake Persson

The band in Leningrad
In Leningrad
Ron Simmonds and Milo Pavlovic
Milo and Ron
Milo and Carmell Jones
Milo and band boss Franz Fijal
Rosa, Lew Soloff and parrot