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CD Reviews
Swing for Beginners
1 - 2 - 3 - 4

The big band and small jazz group.

Enrich your harmonies by leaving out stagnant chordal tones.

Open Harmony
Parts 1 & 2:
Complex chords, dissonances and why you need to know all about them.

Close Harmony

Chords in Fourths

You should know the F# scale as easily as the F scale. If you stay stupid on your instrument you'll hold yourself back.
Ashley Alexander

Live in London
Harkit Records
Johnny Griffin
Stan Getz
Blossom Dearie
Jimmy Witherspoon
J.J. Johnson
Bill Evans
The Rendell/Carr Quintet

Ralph Pyl
Sydney All Star Big Band

Clark Terry
Porgy & Bess

Gordon Brisker
My Son John

Jack Parnell
Big Band Swing

Carl Saunders
Be Bop Big Band

Ian Pearce
Prelude to the Blues

Pete Cater:
Playing with Fire

Pete Cater

Frank Griffith:
The Suspect

Peter Herbolzheimer:
Colors of a Band

Erwin Lehn
50 Years SWR Big Band

Best of British Jazz
Abbey Road sessions

Buddy Childers

Big Band Lead Trumpet Playing

A valuable document from the man who played lead trumpet for many years with the Stan Kenton orchestra.

Ron Simmonds

Swing for Beginners
- 2 - 3 - 4

Big band phrasing as it has never been explained before...

Frank Griffith

His brilliant scores of

The Suspect

Silver's Serenade,

written for the Pete Cater big band, analysed and explained in detail.

Peter Herbolzheimer

A fascinating study of the
Mastermind in his score of

Body and Soul

for the German Youth Band

Wolf Kerschek

His incredible score written for, and recorded by Peter Herbolzheimer and the German Youth Band

Piece for my Latino Friends

Peter Herbolzheimer

The Duke

for the German Youth Band