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The girl singer.
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The Jazz Experts

They're here, they're there, they're everywhere.
Unfounded Gossip Through the bandroom keyhole.
Famous Quotes 1 Shooting straight from the hip.
Trivia Quiz Test your musical knowledge
Tunerisms Ron Rubin's masterpieces
Magyar Wanderers 0: Fido 2 Hungarian football
Ish Jazz memories
One-liners Asides from some of our greatest
Maynard Hey, Art! Lemme try that!
Nicknames Bet you don't know them all
Handshakes All Round Don't squeeze, we muttered...
Voodoo Suite Grappling Cubans
Ancient Lights Unearthed from the distant past...
The Critics What lies behind the jargon?
The Wise Words of Kenny Graham POW! WOWIE! UGHHHHH!
You can't do both... From Colin Wood
The Page-Turning Device A second-hand one would do...
Purple Humour We exchange anything
Agony Column Ask Doctor Jazz anything